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The Lord’s Prayer

Is the Lord’s Prayer first and foremost a prayer for spiritual power? When asked where the Kingdom of God was, Jesus replied that it is within us. So, when We pray, “Thy Kingdom come”, aren’t we really asking that God’s kingdom be established within us as Jesus said. And when we pray, “Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven,” aren’t we praying that His love, forgiveness, and healing should be manifested through us to the rest of the world?

Jesus referred to bread as the word of God many times. So, when we pray, “give us this day our daily bread”, aren’t we asking for God’s word. Jesus prayed, “Sanctify them with your truth. Your word is truth.” We are, then, asking to be sanctified through His word.

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,” is easy to understand. Jesus made it clear many times that we could not be forgiven unless we forgave others, and in forgiving, then we are forgiven.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” seems plain enough. We are asking not to be tempted into sin, or delivered into Satan’s bondage.

Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” I believe The Lord’s Prayer has all to do with obtaining all our spiritual needs from God, and when we achieve that, all our physical or earthly needs will be met.

Paul wrote that, “In the latter days, men will be holding on to a form of Godliness, but denying its true power.” I believe that the bulk of Christianity has been put off by the antics of those who want, but only pretend, to have the baptism of the Holy Spirit. For that reason many in Christianity shun anything spiritual, and only hold on to the promise of salvation.

I, too, believe that some people, in their quest for the spirit, simply pretend, in hopes that it will one day be real. But, I, also, know that you cannot enter into a spiritual relationship with God, without tears – tears of happiness, tears of shame, and tears of thanksgiving. Let all of Christianity, then, kneel before the throne of God in tears of praise for our Creator and our Redeemer. Let us all receive His spiritual power and blessings as He promised. And may the world be blessed by Him through us.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


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Supernatural Power Through One Law   by Andy Mealer

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Yes. After they insulted and humiliated him. After they beat him with fists, walking staffs and the whip; and after they pounded spikes into his hands and feet, raised him on the cross, pierced his heart with a spear, and placed him in a tomb with armed guards to prevent his body from being stolen, he arose.

He was resurrected, continued to teach his disciples, and was seen by over 200 people, then ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of His Father. And, because he lives, we who love and trust in him, will live, also.


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The book Supernatural Power Through One Law by Andy Mealer. lists all the prophecies about the Messiah. Isaiah 53 describes the Messiah. Psalm 22 describes the crucifixion and was partially quoted by Jesus as he hung on the cross. Christianity and Christians are followers of Christ, or the Messiah. No one has ever been called Christ or Messiah except Jesus. The apostle Peter said that Jesus was “the Messiah, the Son of God.” The whole of the Bible teaches us that “whatever we do to another, it will be done to us.” We plant a seed and we reap its harvest. The attempted sacrifice of Isaac was the seed. The sacrifice of Jesus is the harvest. The whole Torah teaches of the coming Messiah. Reject Jesus if you will, but He is the Christ, the Messiah. The proof is everywhere, and not simply an unfounded assumption. You need to research what you say, or risk being damned by what you say. There are consequences or rewards for our actions and words. Be careful.
The disciples were shocked at the crucifixion of Jesus, but they didn’t have to search scriptures to explain it. Jesus met two disciples, after his resurrection, on the road to Emmaus and explained the prophecies about himself in the TORAH to them. Also, Josephus, the Jewish historian for the Romans, wrote that Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Like all prophecies, they were encrypted enough to be obvious after the fact, but concealed enough to prevent that generation from knowing the full story. If they had known, they would not have crucified Jesus, there would have been no sacrifice for our sins, there would have been no resurrection, and our salvation would never have happened. God allows us to know what we need to know, when we need to know it. We still don’t know all the secrets of God, but His plan for our salvation has been fully revealed in the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.
Don’t use conjecture. Use the facts to determine your future.

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There’s an old saying that states that, “ignorance is bliss”. Or not knowing certain things can protect you from the facts. “Freedom of Stupidity” is a little different. It infers that a person has purposely refused to use their mind and deferred that exercise to their peers, whom they follow religiously.

They believe that if there is no God, then they won’t have to answer for their acts, that, heretofore, were considered sinful. They believe that if they are smart enough to avoid legal punishment from the authorities that they can do anything that they deem necessary for their own satisfaction or happiness. They believe their peers, thinking that morality is a thing of the past.

The fact is: We all will receive what we want or do to another. Whatever we want for another or do to another will be put on our account and the price will be collected in this lifetime; regardless of whether we believe in a God or not. We are not reconciled with God or given eternal life because of our morality, and we are not condemned by our immorality. We receive forgiveness and eternal life by following the commandments of Christ: “love ye one another, even as I have loved you.”, “Love your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

No, it is impossible for us to be completely sinless, but if we love our Creator as we should, He will cleanse us and save us from the lies and plans of Satan. Don’t wait to find the truth about our existence until it’s too late. Use your good sense to find truth now, and to find love like you’ve never experienced before.

Book: Supernatural Power Through One Law by Andy Mealer

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The verse in Genesis tells us of the condition of the world before the flood. Sin and wickedness is the opposite of God. God cannot condone it, and must get rid of it in order to communicate and relate to man.

Gen. 6:11-12 “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.”

The verse in Matthew in the New Testament tells of the condition before the second coming of Christ.

Matt. 24:37-38: “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. “For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,

In the days of Noah, God immersed the world in water to cleanse the world of the sin and wickedness in it. When Jesus came he taught that each person must be immersed in water (baptism) to wash away their sins. Coincidence?

Mark 16:16Mark 16:1616 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

Jesus told Nichodemus, “Unless a man be born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” We must cleanse ourselves through believing in Christ and being immersed in water in order to be cleansed of our sins and reconciled with God.

Believe and be baptized.

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Matthew 7:7-8 “Ask and it shall be given; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

A quote from Bill Hybels says, “All we have to do is to acknowledge our needs, move from self-sufficiency to dependence, and ask God to become our hiding place.”

The secret to receiving from God is to give ourselves to Him. We cannot live in the physical and expect from the spiritual. When we give our will to God, we are depending and relying on Him to meet all our needs. That is called faith. We cannot expect an all-powerful and all-knowing God to submit Himself to our level of understanding, if we are not willing to submit ourselves to Him and His plan for our glorification. We must divorce ourselves of our limited understanding of life and our limited understanding of success, if we are ever to attain more than we can possibly be on our own. We ask for a piece of cake, while He has a whole banquet prepared for us. To refuse to relinquish our will to His, is the same as settling for mediocrity when we could have magnificence.

The secret to prayer and to life, is to divorce ourselves from the mundane physical world, and connect to the spirit and glory of God. It’s like moving from the impossible to the unstoppable, because nothing is impossible with God.

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me“.

Don’t go through life on an inner tube, when God has invited you aboard His yacht. Jesus said, “Ye have not, because ye ask not“, James 4:2. Release so that you might receive. Give that it might be given. And ask that you might receive..

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