An Old Goose

An old goose

This morning I heard a goose honking. I looked up and a single solitary goose was winging its way northward. It may have been an injury that prevented him from leaving with the group, or he may have left with them, but just couldn’t keep up with them and fell behind. In his days, he flew with the best of them. He flew in the V formation and even took his turn at the head of the formation, but these days he just couldn’t keep up. I know, and I’m sure that he knows, that when he does make it to the gathering place up north, his friends and fellow geese will honk their approval and greet him. This thought of being wanted and appreciated keeps him going, and the lone goose keeps flying north to his destiny and reward.
If only we could see the youth and needs in older people, they wouldn’t feel so shut out of the mainstream by younger generations. They, too, flew with the best and took their turn at the helm, but today they struggle to keep up, and hope simply for approval and appreciation. God bless the sacrifices they made in their lives for our future, and may God bless them forever with love.

Book:,reward,andpunishment Are they real?

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