Book Available: God, Reward and Punishment:  Are They Real?  Available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Nobles

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  1. I too believe in the Lord’s supernatural power that HE has given to each of us if we only truly believe in the Holy Trinity as Father,Son and HOLY SPIRIT. If we do not forgive ,be forgiven or ask for forgiveness along with the release of bitterness; we will not be empowwered with the Authority that JESUS spoke of in John.WE must acknowledge that the Holy Spirit and God’s holy angels are always there for us. We have a choice to either accept or reject that authority just as we had a choice to accept JESUS CHRIST into our lives.
    Jesus stands at the door of your heart and waits on you to make that choice(Rev.3-20). Are you ready to do that today? If you accept Christ; your whole life and this world will look differently to you since your whole life style will change from your old self to the NEW person that GOD’s WORD promised. Don’t worry; Satan will still bombard you with fear and doubt but you have the LORD’s hOLY Protection. Ask the Holy SPIRIT to be with you always and give you wisdom and understanding of the TRUTH and POWER that GOD ‘s word HAS PROMISED TO YOU.
    I have seen God’s Healing power at work and have read many testomonies of those who HE has blessed and healed. Jesus is the GREAT PHYSICIAN and by HIS Sripes and the Blood HE shed for for all odfor


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