My wife Inge

My wife, Inge, went into a nursing home last year. She could no longer walk or even stand and it was impossible for me to take care of her. She soon couldn’t feed herself, and I went every afternoon and fed her supper. I wanted to make sure she was being taken care of and, also, to make sure that she was getting enough to eat.
She hadn’t awakened in two weeks. I couldn’t get her to wake up. Yesterday she had an episode where she was cold and sweaty and her vitals were low. They got her stabilized but it was decided that she should be put on hospice care., Last night I prayed to God that since she was on hospice care and awaiting death, that He should take her fast and easy so as to end her suffering.
I had been going in at 2:00 until 4:00pm, but today I went in at 1:00 O’clock so I could spend more time with her. At about 2:30 she began having trouble breathing. I called the nurses in and they knew that the end was near. At 3:00 she breathed her last breath.
I write this to show that God answers prayers, and that He arranges events – in this case for me to be there and pray for her as she entered heaven.
I, also, write this so that you will know that death is real for everyone. It seems like only yesterday that she and I were playing tag and chasing each other; and now she is gone. At this time I am serving God by letting those who have been brainwashed by the world, know that God is real, He loves us, He wants to make our travel through life better, and he wants us to spend eternity with Him. As long as anyone reads my blogs, I guess I’ll be here. But if no one cares anymore about what I have to say, then I’ll join my wife. I hope, too, that I will go quickly and easily. We had been married 60 years. I’m looking forward to spending eternity with her. I thank God for His love, and I thank Jesus for making my eventual reunion with my wife possible. Thank you.
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2 Responses to My wife Inge

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you, but there is so much joy in knowing she is with Jesus and you will see her again. God bless you.


  2. Praying that the Lord’s Spirit will comfort you as needed. Yes , He does answer prayers. Lord bless your heart, strengthen you in Jesus name.- Shelia


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