Whose rules do we follow?

Have you ever watched the way people act and try to figure out their motives or incentives for relating to other people the way that they do? The loudest person wants to be heard above everyone else, and, also, wants to be above everyone else. We’re all guilty of being interested in self-preservation, but must we continually try to sell ourselves and to control others for our own sense of security? If we watch people trying to manipulate people and promote themselves over others, they begin to look pathetic, begging or demanding that others give them respect and a higher spot in the pecking order. I have watched others, who are humble and secure enough in themselves to actually be kind and considerate to others – who are genuinely interested in the other persons well-being.
The secret in these diametrically opposed position has to be found in where the person places their trust. The self-centered “ME” person relies upon themselves for security and safety. They believe life is simply composed of how they use their physical senses. The person who always sees the other person as being as important as themselves, know that they are loved, that they don’t have to manipulate anyone in order to secure a bright future for themselves, and that they don’t have to fight the world in order to be a winner. These people have found true happiness through knowing God. They have found His love, His protection, and His plan for them, to provide a prosperous and successful life. By accepting the gift of forgiveness from Jesus, they have found the love to forgive others. They hold no grudges or bitterness and their lives are free of fear and worry. They no longer fear for themselve, but have found the love to care about others. They don’t hold others down, they lift them up. They don’t promote themselves, they encourage others.
We have nothing but sympathy for those who are fearful and insecure. But we admire and are inspired by those who are secure in their God. Do we want to spend our lives fighting the unwinnable fight, or do we want to know that there is no fight, because our future is secure in God. We play by Satan’s rules when we fight our own fight. We play by God’s rules when we give ourselves to others. Whose team are you on?

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