Why a child was born

Why A Child Was Born

Of course, God knew instantly and from the beginning what needed to be done in order to provide forgiveness, reconciliation and eternal life for His creaton. We humans aren’t that fortunate. We have trouble understanding why things happen, even after they happen. Even then, we may not understand the whole picture.

We have read enough in the Bible and seen enough in our lives to know that whatever we want or do to another person, will be done to us. We can actually program our futures by what we do to others in the present. This is a law that is undeniable. “Let not yourselves be deceived, God is not fooled. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he, also, reap.” It is for this reason that sinful man could not be reconciled with God who cannot tolerate sin. Man can only be reconciled with God and inherit eternal life, if his sins are forgiven.

God had instructed man to make sacrifices for their sins. They had to give up or sacrifice something of value to them in order to pay for or cover their sins. Yet, these sacrifices were only temporary needing to be repeated often, and covered only the one person. In order to pay for the sins of all mankind, only God could pay for all people, yet God did not have a physical body to sacrifice. He needed a physical body to absorb the punishment that sin brings to the bodies and minds of people.

Only a person of divinity could absorb all of mankind’s sin to become the universal sacrifice, and only a physical body could receive the physical punishment that sin brings. The only answer was to send His Son, the Word, that had been with God from the beginning. His Son would be divine in nature, yet separate from God in order to absorb the sins of mankind “In the beginning was the word. The word was with God, and he Word was God. Through Him all things were made, and without Him was nothing made”. “…and the Word became flesh and lived among men.” God spoke creation into being through His Word, and He spoke salvation into being through His Son, the Word; and the Word was born into the world and brought salvation to all people.

That part had been covered, now when would God put His plan into affect, and how would He activate it. The coming of Christ was perfect in order to reach all of mankind. Israel was under Roman rule, and between 70 AD and 74 AD, the Jews were completely conquered, they were slaughtered and those that remained escaped into neighboring nations or were sold into slavery. Since Jesus and His disciples had taught the New Covenant, or contract with God, to the Jewish people, the Jews were now ready to carry it with them and teach the world of God’s love and His plan for salvation for all people. The timing was perfect.

The execution of His plan began 2000 years earlier with Abraham. God had promised Abraham that he would father a great nation and that that nation would be a blessing to the world. God would wait until the time was right, but He used Abraham to program His plan into the progress of history. He instructed Abraham to sacrifice his only son to God for the forgiveness of Abraham’s sins. Two thousand years later God would sacrifice His only son for sin’s of mankind that He bore through Jesus. He instructed Abraham to make his sacrifice on Mt. Moriah. Two thousand years later, God sacrificed His Son at Mt. Moriah. God instructed Abraham to have his son Isaac, carry the wood for his sacrifice. Two thousand years later, God’s son carried the wood (the cross) to the site of his sacifice. Abraham knew of the promises God had made concerning Isaac, and God led him to believe that He would resurrect him, even if Abraham sacrificed him. Two thousand years later, God resurrected the son that He had sacrificed. When Isaac asked where the animal for sacrifice was, Abraham replied that “God would provide”. Two thousand years later God provided the perfect sacrifice. The ram that God provided for Abraham was caught by his head and horns in the thorny brush. Two thousand years later, the soldiers placed a crown of thorns on the lamb of God. God did for mankind what one man did for Him. And two thousand years later a child was born who was to carry out and finalize His Father’s plan of redemption, reconciliation and eternal life for humanity.
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