We matter

It has been reported that George S. of Greece donated $6 billion dollars to the Democratic party in 2008. Elitists pride themselves in looking at the “big picture”. When looking at the big picture, people become “the masses”, and individuals become cattle. Looking at people from that perspective and not having any foundation of morality, except their own questionable conscience and innate prejudice and bias, they freely promote immorality, abortion, homosexuality, and shacking up instead of marriage in order to lower the birth rate, and, therefore, lower expenditures for a social state.

My life may not have any value to the State, but it is all I have, and it’s important to me. Yes, and 6 billion people are essentially doing the same things:   marrying, breeding, working, socializing with others, and searching for God. That may seem redundant and unnecessary to the left-wing social engineers, but to each person, their lives have meaning. They all may experience similar goals, experiences and misfortune in their lives. And as each one grows as a person, they become stronger and become wiser because of those experiences in their lives. Each person is shaping or is having their lives shaped by simply living their lives and learning. The growing, experiencing and shaping of their lives prepares them for their final experience of death, where, the way they lived their lives, will determine whether they will live, thereafter, in perfect love and beauty, or if they will burn.

God does not look at people as masses or as livestock. God wants an intimate and personal relationship with each and every single person on Earth. We don’t have to wait or make an appointment to fellowship with Him. Once He is invited to live in us, He is with us continually and forever, always ready to ease our lives and protect us.

Yes, regardless of what the elite of the world think, our lives do have meaning – to each of us, and to our God who created us in His image. It is up to each person to think for themselves, and not to be herded. We matter. God sent His Son to die for us, because we, as individuals, matter. That is our confirmation.  That is our hope and our goal.
It’s time to take control of our own lives. May God bless you, and bless us all – all six billion of us.

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