A beautiful gem in a gift box

Imagine, if we were to place a beautiful jewel in a gift box and wrap it. It may be a diamond in one box, an emerald in another box, and sapphire in another, and so on, until we have a representative jewel of every kind wrapped in a small box. Imagine, too, that each box is wrapped in different wrapping paper. It might be plain brown paper, a little drab, but functional. It may be brightly colored paper and stand out from the rest. It might be wrapped in colorful, but very thin paper that tears easily. Or another may be wrapped in newspaper. Each wrapping is unique, but containing a precious jewel. The creator or jeweler of each gem, took great care in cutting each of the facets of the gem, making it a completely unique thing of beauty. But lying in a darkened gift box, it doesn’t shine, reflect or sparkle. It lies there in the dark, simply a rock. But if we introduce light into the box the jewel will sparkle, reflecting off of every facet of its unique creation, bringing out its true beauty.

We are much like that. We are a box, wrapped in paper of different sorts, but containing a gem within us, a soul created and formed by God. That precious gem within us lies in darkness, until we invite the light of God, through His son, into us. And then our true beauty comes alive. We sparkle and radiate from every facet of our soul, the love and light of our saviour. And we become a thing of beauty.

One day we will lose our wrapping – the wrapping paper and the box- and our soul, the jewel of our creation will stand in the radiant light of God, eternally reflecting His love and beauty. Bring out that beauty now. Invite Jesus, the light of the world, into your life. Let your unique gem become a blessing of beauty and love to the world. Let the light in. It is in the design and creation of your soul.
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