Eleven Eleven

If you’ve read a couple of my posts you may remember that my wife and I held ll:ll or eleven-eleven as special numbers. She explained that on the llth day of the llth month at ll minutes after ll at night her city was bombed in Germany. When we moved here to TN our house number was not llll, but had written eleven eleven. After she passed and I had no schedule to go to bed, it seemed that more often than not I was turning off the light at ll:ll and I felt she was letting me know that there is life after death. She loved my singing and was my biggest fan when I sang at church. After she passed, one day I was asked to help lead singing and so I did. After we sang a couple of songs and the pastor was speaking, I received a text message. I knew that I should turn the phone off while I was up there. When I opened the phone, there wasn’t the same image. There was only 4 figures l l l l. And I knew that she was approving of my singing. The phone call was a robocall from Washington, DC. That night I wasn’t thinking about it any more, I just wanted to go to sleep. I turned over on my side and reached for the lamp and realized my alarm clock said ll:ll. Now I knew she was communicating with me.
This past Wednesday I came up from the family room and across the kitchen staring me in the face was the range clock that said ll:ll. I wondered if this was a coincidence or if my wife was communicating with me again. About an hour later I got a phone call from my brother here, who said that our brother in Birmingham had a massive stroke. Today, two days later he passed.
Sometimes a warning from the other side can be good or scarey. I ‘m just happy she’s still concerned for me down here. I sure ache for her up there.
I don’t write this to pretend to be more special than others. I write this to let everyone know that they are special and created by our God who wants us to love Him as much as He loves us. Think about it.
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