Are you bullied because you are different?
An artist that paints in oils, wants to express himself and never wants to paint the same thing again. He’s always looking for a different way to express himself and to add to his overall ability to create – always adding to his creations. Some people will like his landscapes, others his seascapes, still others will like his paintings of animals or still life. Although, the artist loves each of his creations, he realizes that, some people have the capacity to appreciate all of his work, and some people will have only a limited capacity to appreciate his art. The artist understands his work, knows what he is expressing, and knows the talent and hard work that went into each of his creations.
God is much the same, except much of His creation is in human form. He doesn’t create every person with a cookie cutter. He seeks to find and express beauty in every creation. He knows that each person fills a need somewhere in this world, and He knows that if He can put his creative love in that person, they will become a masterpiece, along with the other masterpieces that He has created.
If a person doesn’t appreciate a certain oil painting, they have no right to destroy it or to physically harm it. Neither does a person have the right to harm or emotionally destroy another person, simply because they don’t understand God’s creative genius and ability to use all of His creation for the betterment and beauty of mankind.  Life isn’t “The View”.
A person who feels different cannot be destroyed by others. Only by their own anger, bitterness and hatred will they destroy themselves. The only defense, then, is not against others, it is a defense against allowing others to destroy the love, peace and serenity in ourselves. That defense is love. When we love others, help others and help make another’s life easier and more enjoyable, God will fill us with love, contentment and happiness. A person with a smile on their face is a thousand times more beautiful than a person with anger in their face. A person with love in their heart is a million times better off than someone with anger, condemnation and bitterness in their heart. If you are bullied or feel different, remember that God created you the way that you are and He loves you for it. He knows that with love in your heart for others you will fill a need in others and make the world a better place. We don’t all find our place immediately, but sometimes farther down the road; but you do have a place and a purpose. God created you that way.

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