Those who don’t play by the rules, plays with fire.

It is no secret that the Democratic party and left-wing liberals hold those who believe in God, in contempt. The great majority do not believe in a God, and, therefore, do not believe that any of their actions result in anything but good for themselves. This leaves them A-moral at the least and immoral at their worst. This means that lying, cheating, stealing, lying about the character or actions of an opponent, and fake news mean nothing to them, even if a politician is shot by a lost soul who believes the lies on MSM, or a U.S. Senator gets attacked by a neighbor. I believe the attack in Las Vegas and the church shootings are the direct results of the MSM vitriolic hatred of Christian conservatives. The media spews hatred and destruction for their fellow citizens simply because they disagree with them, and their weak minded followers take action. What kind of twisted human being can live with that? The left wing liberals know that a certain amount of the populace will believe all the lies that they can make up, but being amoral or immoral, they don’t care what the consequences are as long as it seems to help them. Their words are active missiles, and now their words will cost them dearly. God is not fooled.
As long as Christians refuse to play the immoral game, the liberal will be up to their neck in problems. My book, “God, reward and punishment: Are they real?”, proves that every action is returned as it is meant for another, for punishment or blessing. There is no escape. And it makes no difference how righteous one believes their action to be, they will receive what they want for the other person. It is as absolute as the law of gravity.
Let not yourselves be deceived, God is not fooled. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’
The slick ones destroy themselves by their own trickery. Those who trust in the Lord, will be lifted up. Therefore, maintain you morality, and let the disbelievers destroy themselves

My book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book and e-book

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