Christmas is the day that we get presents. Easter is the day that we get bunny eggs and candy. Thanksgiving Day is the day that we stuff ourselves with turkey and watch football. But to those of us who are led by God, rather than the media or society, those three days are not just holidays, they are Holy Days.
Christmas is celebrated as the day the world received its greatest gift, the Son of God who would teach us and then die to pay for our sins. Easter is celebrated as the day that Jesus arose from the grave after giving his life, ensuring ever-lasting life for us. Thanksgiving day is a day of thanksgiving, that began with the pilgrims gathering together to give thanks to God for his protection of them and allowing them to prosper in a strange and hostile land. Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday to express our thanks to our creator. Our forefathers knew that it wasn’t government, national figures or movie stars that provided our needs and protected our security. It was God. “God is the same yesterday, today and forever.” He still is our creator, our provider, our redeemer and our protector. If we fail to thank and praise Him for His love of us, then our lives will no longer be controlled by Him, but will be controlled by our fellow man with all their weaknesses and immorality.
Thanksgiving Day, then, is a tremendously important day for us. It is the day that we should be fully aware of our God and His blessings for us. It is the day that we humbly thank Him for providing those things that were unable to provide completely on our own. It is the day of true reality and thanksgiving. It is a day of expressing our love to God and to one another.   Come to think of it, every day is thanksgiving – another day to give thanks to our creator for what He does for us every day and what we hope He will do for us in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving day,
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