Fall on your knees

It’s amazing how good Christians can put so much importance in church ritual and activities, and ignore the truly important commandments to love God with every fiber of our being, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

I heard a story telling the difference between horses and donkeys as they defend themselves against a predator (the church’s predator is Satan). The horses will form a circle with their heads inside the circle facing each other, and then they use their hind legs to kick at the approaching predator. Donkeys, also, form a circle, but with their heads facing out toward the predator, leaving their hind quarters inside the circle to kick each other to death.

Christians, stop acting like jackasses, and face each other, loving your God, above all things, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and loving your brothers and sisters as much or more than you love yourself. The Church was not created to be a place that we use to entertain ourselves. It is the place where we worship and exalt our One True God. Our focus should not be outside the church, but inside. Unless we focus on the love of God, and focus our love on Him, we are just an empty facsimile of the person God wants us to be, and the person His Son died to empower us to be.

Words in the song “Oh, Holy Night” says “Fall on your knees. Hear the angel’s voices.” Yes, fellow Christians, fall on your knees, spend time on your knees. Only then will we be empowered, our church empowered, and our nation, once again, will be empowered with the love of God and with our love for Him and all mankind. Fall on your knees. Focus on Him, get in touch with your spirit and then hear the Angels singing in your heart and in your church.

God sent the Spirit of Truth or Holy Spirit to instruct us, comfort us, guide us and empower us. He’s inside of us, trying to be heard above the clamor of the world. We need to take some quiet time to listen to him and allow Him to bring fulfillment and completion to our lives. He alone has all the answers for this world and the next; and all we have to do is to be humble enough to fall on our knees, to focus on our Father, and to focus on the needs of one another. It’s easy. Where are you focused – inside the circle of love, or on the world outside?

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