Finding God

I live in America. I can read any Holy book without fear for my life. I can even become a member of any religion without fear for my life. But, I became a Christian at the age of fourteen without having read of other religions and not even knowing if God or His Son was real. It simply seemed right. It wasn’t until years later, while writing my book,”God, reward and punishment: Are they real?”, that I was led in my studies to discover proof that God was real, and that He actually did sacrifice His Son, Jesus, for the forgiveness of my sins and for mankind’s sins. I have seen the proof in the Bible, I have heard His voice, and I have been forever changed.

I have studied the other religions who claim to know God. But they don’t know the God that I know. My God is the God of love; and His greatest commandments to me is to love Him and to love my fellow man as He loves me. I am not expected to have super-human will power or to accomplish great works. But with the love of God in my heart I can do no other person harm, and my works are seen in my blessings to others. He lives in me, and I in Him. Therefore, the works that I begin are finished through love, through Him who is the God of love. Yes, I may do great things, “yet not I, but Him who is in me”.

As I face a world that grows increasingly more dangerous to those who know the true God, I know that I will not be moved and I will not compromise justice for any price. I know that I must die before I meet my God face to face. How I die is not as important, as how I live.

This peace of mind can belong to anyone. The Holy Bible tells us that “He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.” I encourage you to seek Him, and to collect your reward. I promise you, that you will be eternally grateful that you did.

Book: “God, reward and punishment: Are they real?” book and e-book

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