Proof of God, Jesus and salvation

I recently learned that Rev. Schuller and Rick Warren are promoting solidarity with the Muslims. Yes, with those that teach that Jesus will return as Muhammed’s right hand man, denying that he is the Son of God, denying that he died on the cross, and denying what his sacrifice meant to mankind. Muslims believe that Jesus will return to kill all Christians and Jews.
It would seem that these things are simply a matter of opinion. However, the 21st chapter, Abraham the Proof, of my book proves that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He was sacrificed for the forgiveness of mankind’s sins. My book, “Supernatural Power Through One Law” begins by proving through the written word and examples in stories of the Old and New Testaments, and by examples in the lives of famous and ordinary people, and in the history of nations that the Golden Rule or Harvest Principle (what you want or do to another is given to you) is an absolute law as undeniable as the law of gravity. It then uses that law to prove that the seed of Christ’s sacrifice was planted 2000 years before his birth, and that forgiveness, reconciliation, and ever-lasting life was the harvest of that seed that Abraham planted.
Below is a listing of the circumstances evident in Isaac’s near sacrifice and in the sacrifice of Jesus:
1. Isaac was intended to be sacrificed on Mt. Moriah for the forgiveness of his father’s sins.
Jesus was sacrificed on Mt.Moriah for the forgiveness of his Father’s sins that were taken from mankind.
2. Isaac was his father’s only son.
Jesus was his Father’s only son.
3. Isaac was a miracle birth, born to a 90 year old woman.
Jesus was a miracle birth, born to a virgin.
4. Isaac was made to carry the wood for his sacrifice to Mt. Moriah.
Jesus carried the wood (his cross) to the place of his sacrifice on Mt. Moriah.
5. Isaac was replaced by a ram caught by his head in thorns.
Jesus was the lamb, and a crown of thorns was placed on his head by the Roman soldiers.
6 God promised that from Isaac the nations would be blessed.
Through Jesus the world was blessed
7. Abraham believed that even if he sacrificed Isaac, God would resurrect him to fulfill God’s promise
Jesus was resurrected and fulfilled the promise.

Seven identical points in each sacrifice. Seven, the number of completion. People need to read my book. They can’t be misled to believing a lie when the proof is available to them. The Golden Rule or Harvest Principle is the foundation of all moral teachings in or out of religion. And now it is the benchmark that proves that God is real, His Son Jesus is real, His plan is real, and salvation is real.
I hope you will read it. We need truth. We need revival. And we need conversion. We each need life. This book with the help of God will accomplish that.
Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real: book and kindle

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