Purpose of Life

Our purpose in life is: To know and love God and all of His creations.
God is a creator. He is an artist working, not only in oils or stone, but in every medium in the universe. He created, not only to express Himself, but to express His love for His creation. He is the ultimate creator, the ultimate artist. We express our love for the artist by expressing our love and admiration for His works – His creations. We express our love for God, when we love His creations and His works. We cannot love the artist without loving his works. Hence the Bible quote, “If a man says that He loves God, but hates his brother, he is a liar. For how can he say that he loves God, whom he has not seen, but does not love his brother, whom he has seen?”
Yes, love and admire the planets and stars of the universe. Love and admire the mountains, valleys, plains and oceans of our world. Love and admire the animals and vegetation of our world. But most of all, love and admire all people. They are His greatest creations. He loves every man, woman and child, and is proud of them all. If we love and understand God, then we will love His handywork as much as He does. Jesus said, “This command I give you, love ye one another as much as I have loved you.”
Love His creations. We are one of them.
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