Unexpected returns

Why do things that are supposed to give us so much pleasure really give us pain and suffering? And why do things that are supposed to be boring give us so much joy and satisfaction? The secret is not in its advertised purpose, but in the intent in which we use it.

Alcohol and drugs are supposed to relax us, give us a sense of euphoria, and relieve our tension. The actual intent of the person who use these things,is to take a recess from life and to temporarily die from the world. The intent is to rebel against one’s parents or society in general. Rebellion, also, carries with it a lack of respect and concern for other’s feelings, the possible problems for others, or long term results of their act. The person sets themselves up to experience loneliness, isolation, addiction, and the desire to temporarily die to the world may become permanent.

Sex is innocent enough if it is used simply to relieve a physical need, but sex is 90% psychological. Therein lies the problem. If we use it to prove our worth, to impose our will on another, to dominate another, to demean them or those close to them, to subjugate them, or to prove our superiority, then we will reap those things for ourselves. We will be demeaned, used, dominated, or subjugated, depending on what our intentions were during the act. Those things will happen to us, most often from other sources such as STDs, children or from any area of our lives, including home, work or in between.

Whatever we truly want for another or do to another, is what we will receive for ourselves. Unless we remember this one law, we will think that our actions have no repercussions, or that helping others has no tangible reward. The fact is, that whenever we help someone find happiness, fulfillment or ease their physical demands, we will be given happiness, fulfillment and our work and life becomes easier.

We need to examine our every action. Are we doing something that will bring us harm? Do we want problems or misfortune for another person, not realizing that we will, without a doubt, suffer problems or misfortune because of our intent? Even if we help someone because of our love and concern for them, God will still bless us. And then we will be doubly blessed.

Let us never suffer self-inflicted pain or misfortune, because of our own actions or intent toward others. Let us be blessed by our actions in all things

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