Vitrtiolic Haters

How will you view your anger, hatred and vitriol when you are old and facing death? Will your peers whom you were trying to impress with the depth of your hatred still admire you? Or will they have sobered and and left the hatred and those who hate behind. Even if there were no God, that you have ignored, and now ignores you; what good has your hatred done. Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism all teach that whatever you want or do to another will be your future. Did you read that. Every major religion in the world teaches that you will receive the destruction or misfortune that you wish for others. You act many times like a mindless robot, but I’m sure you have a brain that can determine right from wrong. Who have you been listening to? Will you accept their teaching without question, or will you think for yourself and protect yourself by blessing others rather than hating others. We’re talking about the rest of your life and possibly all eternity. Will you carry on blindly or will you think for yourself and protect yourself from yourself and your peers. The choice is yours. Do you hate yourself or do you love life?

Book: God, reward and punishment; Are they real? book and e-booki

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