God’s Commandments

There are many people who believe that God capriciously made up the ten commandments. They believe that He simply made up laws that suited His personality, and never considered the needs or desires of the people that He commanded. The truth of the matter is that He didn’t create laws to inhibit us, He simply drew our attention or pointed out what the consequences of certain actions are. The law that He is drawing our attention to is the Golden Rule or Harvest Principle. It is a universal law that states that whatever we do or want for someone else is what we will receive in our own lives ten times over. If we steal a little, much will be stolen from us. If we lie about another person, great lies will be told about us. If we honor and obey our parents, our children will honor and obey us. If we exalt God, we will will find success and satisfaction in our lives. If we wish misfortune for another, we will suffer misfortune. If we bless or do good to another, blessings will come to us.
Every wrong that we receive by wanting it for another is not contained in the Ten Commandments, but those Ten Commandments are of great importance and serve as an example of how we bring harm to ourselves or blessings to ourselves. This law is not affected by time or development of civilization. It is constant and forever. Our sophistication or snobbery of rules that we don’t want to hinder ourselves with doesn’t change the outcome of our actions. What we want for another person, will happen to us.

Jesus said, ” Whatever you want done to yourself,  do to another.” Paul wrote,”Be not deceived, God is not fooled, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he, also, reap.”

The laws of the universe do not change. We must live within the parameters of those laws, or suffer the consequences. In short, we must worship and obey our God, who for thousands of years has tried to lead us away from harming ourselves and towards a path of success, satisfaction,and happiness. He isn’t simply a loving God, He is the source of all goodness and love.

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