They hope it sticks

There is an old expression that states, “Throw some s— against the wall and hope it sticks”. the meaning of that remark is that you have nothing positive or truthful to say, but to get yourself out of the corner that you’ve put yourself in, you “Throw some s— against the wall and hope it sticks.” Ever since Trump was elected as president, the Main Stream Media has thrown their s— against the wall hoping that it would stick. They’ve thrown lies, make-believer stories, ridiculous charges and unbelievable assumptions. And less and less of it sticks, because the the general public is becoming less and less gullible. They used to believe a lot of liberal baloney, but because the Main Stream Media has become so unbelievable in throwing their s— against the wall, the public is starting to disbelieve everything the left-wing politicians stand for.
In other words, the liberal progressives have covered themselves in what they hoped would stick to the wall, and nobody wants anything to do with them anymore.
Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real?

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