The emptiness within us

We were all born with a void within us, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to fill it. As children, we run and play. We do all the things children do, yet we’re not satisfied, and many times we end up crying, wanting something, but we don’t know what. As adults we gather our network of friends around us, we work our jobs, run our errands and then work around the house – cooking cleaning, repairing or maintaining. But we still feel unfulfilled. We’re lacking something. We go to the TV to be entertained, or we go to the computer, surf and trying to find something that will fill the emptiness we feel within us. We try drugs, nicotine, caffeine or food, and still, we’re not filled. Then one day, God sends a messenger – a neighbor, a friend, someone from work, or a relative. They tell us that each one of us has been born with an empty space within us that can only be filled by God. It is a spiritual place that needs to be filled with the spirit. Jesus said, “If any one love me, they will keep my commandments, and God will love them, and He and I will come and make our abode with them.”
Some of us will ignore the advice. Some of us will listen and it will cause us to think. God loves us, and He pursues us to become His child. He knows that only He can save us from ourselves and an eternity in hell. He sends us messages – through TV programs, through examples around us, through blog sites, and by personal messenger. Listen to the message. It has the secret to filling that void within you. It has the secret to eternal love and joy. Listen to it, and be filled.

Book and e-book:,Reward,andPunishment Are they real?

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