God or Evolution?

What has caused our modern day life species on Earth? We know through fossil records that life has changed over time. After a mass extinction, there was, also, a period known as the “Cambrian Explosion” where new forms of life appeared one after another in quick succession. Academia has taught that life began accidentally. Yet, mathematicians have proven that it would be absolutely impossible for chemicals to form a DNA sequence necessary to bring about life, or even change a life form. They liken it to exploding a printing press factory and having the type arrange itself to form a complete set of encyclopedias. Or exploding an auto junk yard, and, after the smoke cleared, a brand new BMW sat there ready to drive. Yes, it has been proven that an accident did not cause life. We, also, have other scientists that say that life came from another planet. If that is true, how did life form on that other planet? No, that doesn’t explain the creation of life either.

We, also, have the question: How did one life form come from another life form? Some scientists say simply that the life form adapted to its environment and changed itself genetically to pass on that change to future generations. I have yet to hear of a single person in history that changed his genetic structure to be something else. After we reach maturity, we can’t genetically change the number of fingers or toes that we have. We can’t change silver hair back to black, brown, red or blonde. We can’t change our genetic structure, regardless of how long we concentrate, ponder or repeat nonsensical syllables to an unknown power. We can’t change DNA. We can dye our hair, we can loose weight or gain weight by diet or exercise, but we can’t change our DNA to accomplish those things. We can change what we become: an artist or a human canvas for a tattoo artist. We can dye our hair. We can be programmed by others or by ourselves to be bisexual or homosexual, but, even though the scientific world has struggled to find a homosexual gene, none has been found. We can program our mind to be a loser or to be successful, to be a ditch digger or an astronaut. We can program our minds to think any way we choose, but we can’t change our DNA.

If life could not have happened accidentally, and we can’t change our DNA to become a new or changed species, then we’re left with only one answer: A power outside of ourselves created life and caused life forms to change. God is the only answer to the question of life and its progression to the life forms we know today. When a species was on the verge of extinction, because of environmental changes, or when God needed a species to change in order to fill a void or need in His creation, God changed the DNA for the life form, and a new species was formed. And today we have life to fill every niche in nature. We have a world that feeds itself, replenishes itself and causes life to cover an otherwise, dead planet.
The last question is: Are we simply advanced apes? The answer is no. Each plant or animal that exists today is unique unto itself. We don’t say that a tiger is simply a fancy blinged-out single cell organism. It is a tiger. As humans we are not the top-of-the-line single celled animal. We have been created by God’s power and wisdom. He has given us intelligence, a spirit and a soul. We are His creation, and we have been created in His image. What steps were necessary for our creation is of unimportance. We are human, and we have the power to become children of God. God did not send His Son Jesus to any other life form on Earth, except man. That’s how important we are to Him. And that’s how important He is to us. I pray that you will now understand why we are here and what is expected of us from our Creator.

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