Secularism running amok

I, like many people, watch those channels that are supposed to educate, instruct or inform. Many seem to think that they are unraveling the mysteries of life through their great knowledge and education. But, how much of it is just wild conjecture? At one time it was proposed that ancient Atlantians had to abandon their sinking homeland and migrated to Egypt where they taught them astrology and how to build a pyramid. It was, also, speculated that some Egyptians traveled to South America where they taught them what they had been taught by the Atlantians. I, personally, thought that, without steel girders, it was only logical that they start a pyramid by starting with a wide base and building each following tier a little smaller in order to keep it from toppling over. I, also, speculated that they might look at a mountain, and in order to imitate the mountain and it’s height, they would build it with a wide base, just as the mountain was built. Now those same educational channels tell us that aliens came to earth and taught men in different lands the concept of pyramid building. In fact, they speculate that every form of progress was caused by aliens. The Bible teaches that God was displeased with the hedonism of man, so He caused a great flood that annihilated mankind except for Noah an his family. Education channels now speculate that aliens were unhappy with mankind and wanted to change the DNA and start a new form of man, so the aliens caused a great flood that annihilated mankind. In fact, they teach that aliens are responsible for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves. They even speculate that Abraham was told by aliens from one planet to kill his son, and then aliens from another planet told him not to kill his son. They say that would explain why Abraham thought God had given him contradicting messages. I don’t know if one group of aliens wanted to prevent Abraham’s son Isaac from starting the Jewish nation or if the other aliens wanted Isaac to be the father of the Jewish nation.
It’s all rather confusing. I’m waiting for a program that would explain how aliens created the universe and life, since they would not have been around when the universe began. There may be aliens, but i have trouble taking God out of our history and inserting aliens. In fact, if they, in the flying saucers, were dumb enough to run into each other and crash at Roswell, N.M., why should I believe that they could create a universe and develop life?
I believe God created the universe from nothing. That He created life and created the means to sustain it. I believe He told Abraham to sacrifice his son for the forgiveness of his sins, so that it would be returned to him and God would sacrifice His son for God’s sins (the sins he took from mankind). And because our Earth teems with life, I know that God still lives and molds us and our world to His plan. And man or aliens can’t hold a candle to Him.
My book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book and e-book

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