Sin — Is it real?

Below is the Preface to my book, “God, reward and punishment:  Are they real?”. If you read this, I believe you will get the book to learn more. It is my sincere wish that all people learn of the powers that control their lives, and that they will learn how to control the powers.


History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.” –General Douglas MacArthur

My hope is to prove to even the biggest skeptic that sin is real – though not as we traditionally understand it. I hope that the following examples I provide will demonstrate that sin is not so much what we do to another person, it is what we do to ourselves through our thoughts or actions towards others. I hope to demonstrate that, although our actions are directed towards others, it is us who are the victims. And I hope to demonstrate, through the examples in this book, that one law explains every aspect of Christianity. I have been changed by what I have learned.
If you dare to read on, I know that you will be changed, too – but only for the better.

Whenever we wish misfortune for another person or cause misfortune for another person, we sin. Whether the other person is harmed by our wishes or not is irrelevant. By wanting harm for another person, harm comes to us. It’s as if we had a handgun with sights aimed at another person, the the barrel of the gun is pointed toward us. We are the victim of our wishes to harm another. And we are blessed by blessing others. There is one law that provides each and everyone with a supernatural power, and explains the law of sin. This law cannot be explained by science, but it is, nevertheless, active in everyone’s life, and active in forming the the history and future of every nation or group. It operates with or without our being conscious of it, and it programs blessings or punishment into our lives. We can control it, or we can allow it to control us. I hope that after reading this book, you’ll be able to use it to avoid the pitfalls of life and to create a life for yourself that you have always hoped for. The power is there for anyone. I hope you’ll read the book and discover for yourself what you’ve been missing.

This book does not criticize or condemn any person, group, nation, political movement, or religion for actions or beliefs that may or may not have contributed to their sufferings. All have acted in ways to protect themselves or to enhance their lives through their beliefs and actions, using the information and knowledge available to them at the time. The reason that this book and its teachings must be available to all people, is to ensure that all people, groups, nations, political movements, and religions will have the proof of the Universal Truth upon which to base their future actions and beliefs. Perhaps then we will see uniformity rather than chaos, love rather than hate, and trust rather than fear. Perhaps then the world will be able to provide the necessities and the blessings of freedom, that originate with God, and that the world truly deserves.

It is an undeniable fact that the Bible contains all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding necessary to bring the Kingdom of God into our lives today and eternal life with the Father when this life is over. The process of gaining these things is a matter of growth in our understanding and in our attitude toward God and our peers. Most people won’t have the time or inclination to study the Bible thoroughly enough to understand it. Many people look at the evidence without ever growing in knowledge and dismiss the teachings of the Bible as fantasy or myth. Others study the Bible until they reach the point of having to trust or have faith in the truth, but are unable to submit themselves to something that seems to them to be without physical proof. I hope my book takes the labor out of finding truth in the Bible, so that they can spend their time constructively by simply confirming my findings for themselves.
The first existentialist, Danish philosopher, Soren Kirkegaard wrote that a person needed to take a “leap of faith” in order to accept the things of the spirit.
There are many “doubting Thomases” that, although they may accept a belief intellectually, they cannot nourish a faith in that belief without tangible proof.
This book is written then with the knowledge that Christianity has survived two thousand years without tangible or physical proof of spiritual claims. Jesus said, “blessed are they that believe, yet have not seen.” And yet he showed Thomas the proof of who he was so that Thomas would believe and have faith in him.
This is written for the “doubting Thomas” and for the person who can’t make the “leap of faith”. It is for the skeptic, the yet unconvinced, and the convinced who need a nudge of proof that will strengthen their belief and trust. It is to change the unbeliever into a believer, the believer into a knower, and a loyal follower into an inseparable child and servant of God.
This author will not criticize other religions or Christian denominations, who have not been aware of the law, that the world has overlooked for two thousand years. We simply hope to bring proof to the reader, whether Christian, non-Christian, agnostic, or atheist, that there is a supernatural law that is as undeniable as the law of gravity, and that each one of us use every day to determine whether we receive blessings or punishment in our lives. We may reap these blessings or punishments randomly through our association with larger groups or nations through the actions of those groups or nations through this law and, also, from our environment. We may or may not suffer or be blessed by other forces, however, we will certainly receive blessings or punishments during our lives through every action or thought that originates within us. We need not believe in the law of gravity to enjoy its benefits, nor do we need to believe in this law in order to reap what we sow.
Once the law is established as fact in this book, I will then use this law, in relation to one story in the Bible, to prove to even the most skeptical reader, that there really is a God, that, He takes a pro-active role in our lives, and that He sent His Son Jesus to pay the penalty of our sins, freeing us from the clutches Satan and death. Only by first understanding the power and scope of this law will a person be able to see and understand the proof, knowing that it is this law in action and not merely an interesting coincidence.
Once the reader learns of this law and what it proves, learns of God’s love for us, and understands the courage it took for Jesus to bring salvation to us, they will come to the same conclusion that I have come to: Only by loving God and His Son, loving our neighbors as ourselves, and striving to please Him by keeping His laws, will we have any hope of finding peace and happiness in our lives, and a hope for an eternal future.
Jesus taught the secret of this one law that would lead mankind to freedom. The disciples, whether unable to understand it or unable to elaborate on it and pass it down, allowed the secret to fall by the wayside. Through no fault of our own the secret has been ignored for nearly two thousand years; and for nearly two thousand years we have been at each other’s throats destroying our futures, thinking that only reward and punishment affect the believers. Only a complete understanding of His teachings will save the world from itself.
Jesus, who came to save the world, laid the foundation of that understanding two thousand years ago. That complete understanding is long overdue. Today the understanding begins again, first in our hearts and then in the hearts of all people.

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”

I have searched, and God has revealed. I praise Him and give Him thanks, that He has honored me with an understanding that has so long been hidden.
In the first chapter of Philippians Paul wrote a prayer, that is, also, my prayer for the reader of this book.

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ – to the glory and praise of God.”

And remember, yes we sin, but God is capable of forgiving much more than we can sin.  It is not our perfection of our actions that saves us, but the perfection of our love for  our Creator.

My book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book and e-book

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