Doing puzzles

I love to do crossword puzzles. They’re a challenge. There are big ones and short ones. Many times you can get the correct answer for all the questions. Then there are times when it seems impossible, especially in specialty puzzles. We don’t receive a reward for completing a puzzle. Outwardly there doesn’t seem to be any merit or reward for filling out a crossword puzzle – except one: In working the puzzles, our minds are exercised, and become sharper and stay young.

The same rules apply to life. We go through life making decisions and solving problems. We may solve large problems or smaller problems. As we come up with the correct answers to life’s problems we may think that we are accomplishing something, but when we die, we leave everything behind, and what we thought we had won is gone. Again, the only tangible good from living is exercising our souls and becoming a better person when we leave this world.

We must ask ourselves, “is this action going to cause me to grow, or simply feed my ego?” “Will I become a better person, or will I stagnate in greed and selfishness.” Exercise your mind in crossword puzzles, but exercise your soul in living this life. And may you find the correct answers in both.
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