Granting a request






Sometimes the simplest things can explain the deepest and most complicated of understandings. I had spoiled my cat,when we were in bed, by  raising up the covers to make a little tent or cave for him to hide in. This involves my elbow being on the bed with my arm lifted up as a tent pole. He refused to go into the cave I made unless I was under the covers too. As soon as I went under the covers, he ran right in. I don’t understand his reasoning, except maybe he didn’t want to be in there alone if the roof of his tent caved in.
If I were sleeping or attempting to go to sleep when he came to bed, he would put his two paws on my hip as I lay on my side, and begin pushing until I responded. I usually went along with it, but last night I was sound asleep and he began pushing on me. I finally decided that I might as well make his cave and maybe he would leave me alone. I made the cave and he ran right in, and as I lay there I wondered why I was making a cave for a cat that had no respect for my sleep.
Then I remembered the stories Jesus told. He said, “If a man asks you to walk a mile with him, walk two miles.’ and ‘If someone asks for your cloak, given them also your coat.‘ Because I understood that whatever we want for another or do to another, will be given to us, I realized that granting a person’s request and more, is our way of opening ourselves to
God answering our prayers and requests plus a little more. I realized that if we refused a request, we were opening up ourselves to having our prayers denied.
That doesn’t mean that we should honor every request, even if it is sinful or unreasonable. It does mean that we should surround ourselves with reasonable people, who would not ask us to do anything sinful or unreasonable, in order to prevent ourselves from having to refuse a request. Every time we refuse, we are vetoing one of our prayers.
You will be known by the company you keep, and your prayers will be answered by the company you keep. Help others and be helped. Aid others and be aided. Protect others and be protected.  Grant wishes for your fellow man, and know that your prayers will be answered.

Last night Sammy, my cat, woke me up another two times for a total of 3 times so I would make him a tent for a few minutes.  I hope he lets me sleep tonight, but if he doesn’t, I’ll grant his request.  I want to make sure God answers mine.

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