The mirror and life

When we make an ugly face in a magnified mirror we get a magnified ugly face. A magnified mirror and life are quite a bit alike.

In his ministry, Jesus explained that, “we should do unto others as we would have them do unto ourselves”, or “Whatever we would have done to ourselves, do to another.” He was explaining that whatever we do to another will be magnified and done to us, from one source or another. He said that it explained the Law and the teachings of the prophets. That means that it is the foundation of Biblical teaching. In example after example in the Bible we find this law in action; and if we pay attention, it is, also, being repeated in our lives and in the lives of those all around us.

Not everything that happens to us is caused by our own thoughts or actions. Society and the laws of nature, also, play a part. But the Apostle Paul wrote, “Let not yourselves be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatsoever and man soweth, that shall he, also, reap.”

Yes, everything we do is reflected back to us. We, therefore, need to look into the mirror of life to make sure that an ugly future is not being reflected back to us. So, keep smiling, keep blessing and be blessed by our great and loving God.
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