Where has respect gone?

Respect has gone, along with love and compassion. After all, love and compassion for our fellow travelers creates respect for them. If we have love for one another, we will not harm them, but respect them and help them any way that we can, rather than causing them to harm themselves.

One generation after another has taught that boys will be boys, meaning that they had an excuse not to respect young women. In fact it seemed that it was their duty to cause women to risk pregnancy, disease, loss of respect and separation from their God. Wasn’t it the church and the parents that were supposed to teach their children to care about others and to respect the sanctity of another’s journey in this life?

Then the young girls were taught that they had the same sexual rights as boys. They didn’t have to respect the opposite sex. They didn’t even have to respect themselves, and they made themselves available as brood sows, rather than realizing that they had been entrusted by God to nurture and provide their best for the next generation. But too many of them don’t respect their bodies or the lives that they produce. It’s all about themselves.

Churches have failed the people by serving themselves and not reaching out to those who live in darkness. Parents have relinquished their responsibility to provide a moral upbringing to their children, because they’re too involved in their own selfish interests.

The youth of today are rising up. They know that they’ve been short-changed, by the church, their parents, the media and the government.
Where there is no respect, no respect is given. We now have a segment of society that has no respect for our flag, our constitution, our nation, and especially for the needs of our people. And the youth is tired of it.

A revival is building, and the churches had better be ready to open their arms and to teach this generation about love and respect for all their neighbors. The youth are demanding more from life than being branded as spiritless livestock. The parents are realizing their failure in raising their children. A revival is coming. The people need God. They need to learn of His love for them, and how He sacrificed Himself so that we could have a better life, free from satanic enslavement. A tidal wave of conversion is headed for us, and we’d better be ready. Open your hearts, open your arms and let God’s love wash over this nation and heal it. The fields are ripe for harvest. It’s time to go to work. It’s time to stop using each other, and it’s time to start loving and caring about one another. It’s time to come together as a people wholly committed to God and His promises for us.
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