Immorality or God?

If you have no God, you have no morality. If you have no morality, then anything justifies the ends. You can lie, cheat, steal and even kill in order to reach your questionable goal. You can create fake news and promote it until it becomes real to the masses and convict your enemy for a crime that never happened. You can adopt barbaric measures as your own, such as holding up the fake decapitated head of your enemy. You can wear masks and hoods and attack people, even with bicycle chains and locks. You can hold your followers in contempt because they will accept a glass of poison if it has a cherry on top. You can riot and demonstrate to prevent the other side from being heard, because truth is you worst enemy. You can even shoot complete strangers and attempt to kill them or destroy their lives, simply to make a point. You can do all this simply because you are Godless and your future is hopeless.
The truth is: Our president wasn’t elected because we asked Russia for help. Our president was elected because millions of Christians got on their knees before the Almighty God and He gave us a miracle. If we want what is right for our needs, then we need only to ask God. He wants only the best for us. It is evil that wants to harm us.
Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book and e-book

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