The Trip To Hell Begins With A Single Step

We’ve all heard that the longest journey begins with a single step. It seems that many things begin with that first step. In our innocent age, none of us plan to become a liar, a con, a thief, a bully, a murderer, a rapist,, an adulterer, promiscuous, a condemner, a hater, an arsonist, etc. It all begins with the first step. We know that certain things go against our conscience or nature, but if we dare to go there anyway, we stir up adrenaline in ourselves through fear or even anger. The adrenaline rush is addictive in itself, but when we couple it with our pleasure chemicals of the brain, we begin an addiction or foundation for what we feared in the beginning. Each subsequent experiment into that realm reinforces the act until it becomes natural and desirable for us. We then look at those that don’t share our addiction as being strange. We wonder how or why they don’t feel the same as we now feel. We feel that we are the normal ones.
Each one of us have programmed ourselves to accept the unnatural as normal. It may be our temper, our intolerance of others, or selfishness. We have all cultivated some attitude in ourselves that is harmful to ourselves, and a concern for God. He wants to promote our well being, and wants us to promote well being for ourselves.
If we cultivate an attitude of harming, using or abusing others, we will suffer harm and abuse in our lives. If we bless others, we experience the blessing in our lives that we intended for another. Jesus summed up the Bible by saying, “Whatever you would have done to yourself, do to another.” He, also, said, “Do unto others what you would have done to you.”
Life is full of adventure and discovery. Before any of us do anything, we must ask ourselves, “Does this harm or bless the other person?”. When we harm the other person, we harm ourselves. When we bless the other person, we bring blessings to ourselves. And so my wish for you is to have a blessed day, and blessed life.
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