Untouchables In America?

I don’t believe that there is a level of humanity in America that is incapable of success. I don’t believe that this level of people are predestined or predisposed to becoming common brood sows or criminals. I don’t believe that their level of intelligence prevents them from leaving the welfare state. I don’t believe that money can lead to any permanent solution to the problem. I do believe that morality can change everything.
We are told to believe that the liberal left wants to help these people, when in reality they want to perpetuate their misery in order to make more promises to government handouts in order to gain their vote. These liberals don’t want to solve the problem, they want to continue it in order for them to stay in power.
Morality is the answer. The parents or parent must set an example of loving their neighbor, rather than fighting their neighbor. They must show respect for one another, rather than holding each other down. Attitudes must change. Others are not our enemies. We are our enemies. Whatever we do to another or want for another is our inheritance in life. Our attitude determines our fate. Disliking, disrespecting or hating others brings only destruction for ourselves. God created every, yes every, baby with the same needs and desires as anyone else. We are not meant to consider every other person as an enemy. They are our neighbors and God commands us to love them. In so doing, we bring blessings to ourselves and not failure and destruction. Each act of kindness we show to another, brings the loving kindness of God into our lives. And each act of evil we show to another brings destruction into our lives. Those who want to continue the welfare state as it is now, without an out for those who desire it, are creating a caste system of self-destruction for a group of people who need the spiritual help of God to bring order and success to their lives.
The liberal left is not a friend of the downtrodden. Rather it is their worst enemy. We in America do not have a permanent level of “untouchables” in our society, and only morality can break the chains of enslavement to the welfare state created to keep a group of politicians in office.
Each politician will be asked by God who they helped in life, and who they harmed by their actions. By the same token, each parent is going to be asked how they raised their children – did they teach them about God, or damn them to the streets?
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