Order And Morality

A nation without laws will come to ruin.
A person without moral bounds will come to ruin.
A government that chooses to ignore its laws will bring destruction.
A society that chooses to ignore its moral conscience will bring destruction.
There must be rules and boundaries to contain evil within a nation, a people, or an individual.
Whose moral beliefs do we follow, the athlete, the politician, the entertainer or Joe Schmoe down the street? Or do we follow the teachings of our eternal God?
Only the individual can bring order from chaos. We can’t wait until our friends accept real truth. We are friends to others, and they may be waiting for the courage to change and waiting for you, their friend to change. Don’t wait to accept God’s truth, for your sake, for your friends sake, and for society’s sake.
Joshua said, “choose you today whom you will serve . . . as for me and my family we will serve the Lord.”
Make your choice today before you postpone it into eternal hell.
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