Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the sum of the law and the teachings of the prophets..

Jesus said that the Golden Rule was “the sum of the law and the teachings of the prophets”. He was saying that the law or commandments, and the message the prophets were conveying to the average person, could be explained (or be understood) by understanding the Golden Rule or Harvest Principle: Whatever one wants or does to another person will be done to them many times over. A person cannot want misfortune for another person without later experiencing misfortune in their own lives. By the same token, a person cannot want good fortune for another without later experiencing good fortune in their lives. We get angry about our lives or situations, take out our anger on others, and when we experience more misfortune, we feel vindicated in being angry with the world and people. We don’t naturally associate our wishes for another with what happens to us. We go through life blissfully unaware that we are the cause of our own misfortune, through wanting misfortune for others in our anger or lack of consideration for them. We are bringing misfortune into our lives by wanting or causing misfortune in another’s life. In turn, they return the anger and lack of consideration, bringing more misfortune into their own lives. We all respond to one another in anger and lack of concern for each other, and we blame the world for all our misfortune. Yet, it is each of us who is programming our future by the way we treat others in the present.

The answer to this dilemma is simple: We must learn to love one another. We must learn to care for one another. We must learn to be concerned with the well-being, the joy, the happiness, the success and the fulfillment of others. When we put ourselves last and others first in our lives, we reap the blessings that we want for others.

In spite of what the media and government tell us, Jesus can teach us how to find happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in our lives. The Old Testament books prophecise about Jesus. The New Testament tells about his life, death and resurrection. My book, The Harvest Principle: It’s Not A Coincidence, condenses the teachings of the Bible, and puts it into simple, easily understandable language. My book doesn’t cover everything that the Bible covers, but it covers the foundation of our faith, and explains why Jesus said that the Golden Rule was the sum of the law and the teachings of the prophets.

I hope you will get a Bible, get my book and get into a church. There are answers to your questions, and things are not hopeless or meaningless. We were not meant to follow Satan. We are not alley cats. We were created in the image of God and meant to be His children and heir to all His blessings. We’ve had a noble beginning and we have a royal destiny awaiting us. This law is real, and our Father who created it is, also, real. Meet your destiny today.

Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book and e-book

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