An Audible Inner Voice

When my Westie, Calley, was alive, I would take her to a park less than a mile away. It’s a nice park with tennis courts and a soccer/baseball field. It, also, has a nice walking trail. Part of it goes through the woods and comes out to complete the circle through an open field of grass. Another loop of the trail circles completely in the woods and passes a running creek. That was our favorite spot, where Calley could chase squirrels and check out the flora and fauna of mother nature. I couldn’t bring myself to going back there alone since her death last July.
Today I mowed the lawn, trimmed and blew away the leaves and cuttings. It took about two hours. As I sat at the patio table having a glass of grape juice, the thought occurred to me that I could go for a walk in the park. It’s then that I heard an audible inner voice. It said, “Yeah, go for a walk, Daddy. I’ll go with you.” I’ve heard God’s audible inner voice only about six times in the last ten years. He doesn’t speak to me often. I knew it wasn’t God’s voice. I know His voice. I knew instinctively that it was Calley. I guess in Heaven our pets will be able to speak to us psychically and we’ll be able to understand them. And they won’t have to read our body language or facial expressions to understand what we’re saying to them.
Some people may think that I’m silly listening to an audible inner voice. But, I know that if I had ignored God’s voice when He first spoke to me, He wouldn’t have spoken to me again. I’ve heard some people who say that they have a constant dialogue with God. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I wish I could illicit a response from God more often, but at least He knows that I’ve heard Him and I’m waiting to hear from Him again.
So when I heard that voice say, “Yeah, go for a walk, Daddy. I’ll go with you.”, I didn’t ignore it. Calley and I went for a walk today. I think it made her happy, just like it used to. I know it changed my day for the better.
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