Are We Just Breeding Stock?

I received this in an e-mail.
MSNBC Thinks Your Child Belongs to The State



According to the brilliant minds at MSNBC, your children are nothing more than property of the government. In a commercial for her television show, anchor Melissa Harris-Perry declared that “we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” This dangerous rhetoric is a key component of the Progressive agenda. Instead of standing up for individual liberty, the Radical Left believes that all citizens are inherently “owned by society.” Using this collectivist logic, they push for bigger government, higher taxes, and more unsustainable entitlement programs.

The above article quotes one person and the media, but this idea has been proposed by other notable individuals of the liberal elite. They believe that they should monopolize the education system, not allowing home schooling or vouchers for private schools. They believe they should have all our children under their tutelage to be able to erase any vestige of God or morality from their little minds, and turn them into sex and drug loving perverts. My question is simple: If we, the parents, have no say in how are children are raised or what they are taught, are we just breeding stock for the state? Are the twisted, perverted liberal elitists our masters? Are they telling us to shut up and get back into our pens or face the consequences? I guess I’ll just have to turn our nation over to God. It’s about time we realized our inadequacies, and acknowledge His power again. Yes, it’s way past time.

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