Inconvenient Truths and Value Judgments

How has the world come to this point? We have one group of people who try to base their judgment on facts and truth in order to have a just society. Then we have another group that dismisses or ignores the facts in order to make the decision about a problem a value judgment. They pretend that both sides have equally good points in order to make a value judgment in favor of their wants. They’d rather pretend that the truth is a lie, than to admit that they have been living a lie. They even lump God’s teachings in with other truths to be ignored, in order to rationalize and to justify their self-centered, self-serving value judgments.  A goal that is achieved with lies and pretense is of no value to anyone.  It is simply created to destroy that which is true and factual – in other words “reality”.
Sanctify them with your truth, Father. Your word is truth.”
The Lord placed a lot of importance on truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.
Unless the world stops treating the facts and the truth as enemies, it will continue to unravel. And we have no one to blame but our own egotistical selves. Value judgment? What value is a judgment based on lies and pretenses? Let’s get honest people.  Let’s get back to reality.
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