America, Find Your Sanity Again

Communists, fascists and dictators around the world have always found a reason to disarm the law-abiding citizen and bring them under submission. I hope that our nation and politicians are above that. I hope that they love freedom and will go after the true reason of our suffering in this nation. And I hope that our politicians won’t be black-mailed into voting against freedom because of skeletons in their closet.
I hope they will ban video games that teach our vulnerable youth to kill. I hope they will outlaw the broadcasting on the airwaves for all to hear, the hate-filled, angry, sick, demeaning insulting and depressing music that even small children can absorb. I hope that they ban the uncalled-for violence, death and destruction in the entertainment medias. I hope that they bring back talent that has been replaced by shock value. I hope that they end the discrimination against the one true God in every aspect of our lives. I hope they stop pretending to uphold the first amendment to the constitution when pushing forward with destructive legislation. I hope they defend the whole constitution, rather than picking and choosing what fits their agenda. And mostly I hope that the American people will realize that without God we are at the mercy of sick people who want to destroy us. Yes, I hope America finds God again and learns to love and serve Him as much as He wants to love and serve us. I simply hope that America becomes sane again.

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