Attitude Creates or Perpetuates Circumstances

There are examples all around us that we just take for granted. We see that successful people seem to be happier, more patient, more compassionate and never carry a grudge. The less successful seem to feel, because of their status, that they deserve to be angry, to blame others, to be short-tempered and to be concerned only in their wants and needs. Those of lower status believe that if they had money, they would be happy, patient, compassionate and never angry. But the truth is that attitude creates the circumstances. We can see that by those who have escaped abject poverty and become successful. Their attitude was always positive and considerate of others, even from the beginning. Their refusal to blame others, to lash out at others, but always to be humble and considerate of others carried them to success.
Circumstances can influence attitude, but that just perpetuates the attitude and passes it on to following generations. Attitude is more important than race, intellect or even education. There is, however, one proven way to break out of one’s situation in life. That way is God. If we surrender our will to Him and follow His commandments, He will change us, change our attitudes and change our circumstances. Not all successful people are religious, but they live by the rules that bring or nurture success.
Jesus said that the greatest commandment was: “Love your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” He said that the second greatest commandment was: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” That means that we are not the greatest authority on life. God is. And that we should treat everyone as we would want to be treated. Jesus, also, said, “Whatever you would have done to yourself, do to another.” How we treat others determines how we will be treated. But the greatest truth is to humble oneself in the knowledge that God has our answers and our futures, and through Him and with Him we can do all things.
Circumstances don’t make attitudes. Attitudes determine our circumstances. I pray that you will build a bright future for yourselves, as you walk with your creator each day.
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