I’m sorry guys, but dogs are so much better than most of us. No, they’re not always “good” dogs. But if they are loved and allowed to express themselves, they are the most loving, most caring, most loyal, most unselfish, and most giving of all of God’s creatures.
I have often wondered how they can be so naturally “good and wonderful”, and I think I finally understand. Dogs do not live for themselves. They live for their master. They live only to give to their master and to please and serve him. That is what is missing in mankind. We live for ourselves and serve only ourselves. We’re so caught up with ourselves and our wants that most of us completely ignore our master. And we end up being selfish, conceited, greedy and self-serving. We become ugly.
Only the Master can bring out the best in us. Only the Master can make us beautiful. Only the Master can bring fulfillment to our lives. We should not be less of a person than our furry friends who love and serve us.

“Love your God (our master) with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, and all your strength.”

God has given us an example to follow, who has no thumbs and cannot speak, but has an abundance of love and a desire to serve. Shouldn’t we live up to those ideals? Shouldn’t we at least live up to our dog’s standards?
Book: “God, reward and punishment: Are they real?

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