Love and Loss

We must never let the pain of grief, over the loss of a loved one, overcome and erase the joy of having experienced that love. God is love. He is, also, the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end. We were created through love, and we will be resurrected through love. In between, we learn the difference between love and its loss. It is our learning process. To love and then to lose that love, teaches us to crave love and despise its loss. We crave the love of God. We crave the love of our loved ones that we hope to see again in Heaven. We learn not to fear to love again, because we understand that only in love is there hope. And, so we love and we bear the pain of loving, trusting in our God to renew all love with a love that is forever without pain. This is our hope. This is God’s promise.
Book: “God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book and e-book

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