Evading Damnation

We have seen a volatile political year. There have been lies, accusations, and open hatred – probably on both sides. But it doesn’t matter who is right and who is completely confused. It is not the motives or philosophy that condemns us. It is what we feel for others that condemns us. Whatever we desire or do to others because of our hatred for them, will be given to us. If we want damnation for others, we will be damned. If we want destruction for others, we will be destroyed. If we want failure for others, we will fail. Whatever we sow is what we reap. Those that seem so strong because of their outrageous hate, are to be pitied, because the hate and ill will that they launch toward others is destroying them.
Whatever your political philosophy, do not join in with those who hate or wish to destroy others. You need not surrender your position, but you must hold your position without projecting hate and destruction for others, and receiving that hate destruction against yourself. What you want for others, will be your fate. It is the law of the “Golden Rule” or “the Harvest Principle” (reap what you sow). It is an undeniable spiritual law. It has not changed over thousands of years, and it will never change. It is the foundation of God’s moral laws for mankind. Stand strong in love, and never stoop to destroy yourself by hating others.
This law is explained in my book, ” God, reward and punishment: Are they real?” by Arthur Mealer Don’t go through life destroying yourself, because you didn’t understand this basic and powerful law of God.
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