You Can’t Fix Stupid

People sometimes ask me why I blog.  I tell them that I want to reach the lost in society. There are really two basic types in the lost. One type is the stupid ones, who have memorized a set of principles from others, because they find that thinking for themselves is too difficult and confusing. Because of this they tend to shout down and intimidate those that disagree with them, rather than attempt an intelligent conversation.  They do have an influence on others, though. The other type is those that have been misled by the stupid ones. These people do have the ability to think for themselves, but have just been too busy to bother. It is these people that I hope to reach. But the first group is different, The Bible says that, “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see, or deaf as those who refuse to hear.  Or as  the comedian Ron White always says, “You can’t fix stupid”.

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