What Would Love Do?

A popular saying a few years ago was, “What would Jesus do?” It is a valid question that allows us to compare our actions to the benchmark of Jesus, but it requires interpretation. When you compare yourself to Jesus, you’re comparing yourself with a person and a personality. It’s easy to bring in judgement to justify what we already feel or how we want to act or react. The question of measuring our actions against someone or something else is easier when we remove the emotions, judgements or interpretations, and compare ourselves to an absolute value that our minds can’t manipulate and rationalize.
We should, instead, compare ourselves to an absolute, and unbending value. God is love. Love is static and eternal. It never changes for conditions or circumstances. We should always ask ourselves if our actions or our reactions to people is truly based on love and compassion for that person, or do we want vindication for ourselves? If we want punishment for another person, we will reap punishment for ourselves. That is sin or harming ourselves, and harming ourselves is against God’s will for us.
Jesus said, “love your enemies, bless those that curse you, and pray for those that who despitefully use you and persecute you.” When we concentrate on that verse, we know what Jesus would do.
But if you have trouble remembering and deciphering everything Jesus said, then just ask yourself, “What would love do?”, which is a more direct way of asking what God or Jesus would do. The next question is “What are you going to do?”.
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