Modern Day Pied Pipers of Destruction

We, and even our enemies, realized that America’s strength lies in the fact that it worships God, that it is founded and operated in morality, that it has a strong commitment to marriage and family, and has a strong sense of national pride, Since it is all based upon God and morality we an call this a Godly alliance in building our nation.
It could equally be said that anyone opposing these things in society could be called an evil or satanic alliance. If one opposed recognizing God as the power behind our protection. success and prosperity, and chose to remove God from mention in society, then they would be called part of the Satanic alliance. If one opposed God’s morality, and chose to make up their sense of morality as they went along and when it suited them, they would be part of the Satanic alliance. If one opposed marriage and considered it non essential to the nurturing and rearing of children, allowing them to be attacked from all directions without the protection of a mother and father, then they could be considered part of the Satanic alliance. Since science now believes that homosexuality is not genetic, but programmed by force, by seduction by others, or voluntarily, then anyone who promotes or legitimizes homosexuality which further promotes non-marriage or non-multiplying of one’s species, can be called part of the satanic alliance.
The media, education system and even politicians lure the young into following this satanic alliance and hide the fact from them, that everything they do is meant to destroy the people that follow them, destroy the people who don’t follow them, and destroy America, in order to have a global government, where someone in Somalia, Bangladesh, or some other third world country can dictate what your limitations will be in finance, career or personal life.
The modern day Pied Pipers of media, education and politics are calling the youth out of a productive society, in order to destroy them and destroy the society that they leave behind.
Fortunately, only a small segment of our youth has been hypnotized by the lies of the left. But it absolutely necessary for us to bring the truth to them, so that the left can no longer influence or cause the death of a great nation.
Our misled youth are not stupid. They only need to switch their brains back on and think for themselves, instead of allowing others to think for them and brain-wash them. The future of a nation must not be determined by a “party time” mentality, but rather a conscious acceptance of the truth.
The founding fathers of this nation agonized over the best methods to preserve freedom, provide for the common defense and to secure the blessings of God that He intended for our people. That must, also, be our goal and our dream. God wants only good for His people.
God bless the American people, and God bless America
Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real?

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