I think tattoos are ugly. I’m sorry, but that’s the way I feel. I know a lot of good, sweet people who have tattoos. Tattoos are not in themselves a sin. Anything can become sinful, depending on the intent behind it. Is it to announce a rebellious or anti-social nature? Is it to spite parents or someone else? I don’t believe most of the tattoos were meant to convey those feelings. I believe most people get them, because it’s the fad and everyone else is getting them. Like lemmings they follow the crowd.
To see a young lady in a wedding gown, and then to see their tattoo ruins the whole affect. A tattoo is not a fashion accessory that can be removed or exchanged. How would the Taj Mahal look with grafitti all over it? I believe the human body is beautiful as God created it. It doesn’t need racing stripes or barbed wire or chains imprinted on it. The picture of the tattoo looks good on the wall, but on skin, it looses something. And as the skin grows or sags, and the tattoo fades, it gets even uglier.

You may be a beautiful person, and even a better person than I am, and I will love you none the less. But that tattoo is ugly. I may not be the best-looking person in the world, but, personally, I won’t make it any worse by getting a tattoo.

My daughter got a tattoo in memory of her brother, who died the year before. I didn’t really like the tattoo, but I loved her for feeling so strongly about the loss of her brother, and our son. Someone didn’t just die. Someone very dear to our hearts died, and she chose to remember it every day of her life.

I love you, God loves you and I’m sure He won’t condemn you for a tattoo. But think before you ink. If you look at the body that God gave you, you may decide, as I have, that it looks good without the grafitti.

Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real?

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