Trump wants to restore the economy, protect religious liberty, restore morality and integrity, strengthen the military, and protect America from Islamic invasion – all things that were lost under the Obama administration. Was the media and left wing of this country for these things, which is why they were so obsequious toward Obama and so anti-Trump? Were they bribed into believing in these things? Was there some sort of philosophical stampede that they were caught up in? Why would anyone embrace insanity and a world of make-believe? When will they realize that only our enemies would want us to live in a world of make-believe, so they that can use real life methods to defeat us? Better yet, when will our brightest become American again? Trump, the billionaire, gave up a life of leisure, because he loved America and the American people. When will the media and left wing progressives learn to love America again. When will they, too, become American? When will we, once again, become united? When?


Book:  God, reward and punishment:  Are they real?

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