Will This Generation Save Us?

A segment of the past few generations have proven themselves to be the dumbest, most brainless group ever to grace our planet. I guess I include myself in that group, since it took me so long to find the truth, even while actively seeking it. This segment of society doesn’t know what a brain is, therefore, logical thought is completely foreign to them. They’ve been told by the media that they are simply sex organs without soul or spirit. And they accept it. They have no idea what responsibility is, and haven’t the faintest idea what consequence any of their actions may bring. If the media promotes it, they become it. Tattoos, piercings, alcohol, drugs, irresponsible breeding, and brainlessness is their calling card.

Civilization’s only hope is in the youth that still recognize and have a grasp on reality. As yet, they still pretend to be part of the idiocy while still maintaining their integrity, standing far enough back to protect themselves against personal acts of lunacy. Will they finally realize that standing on the sidelines and saying nothing is allowing a group of idiots to destroy all that is good and decent? Will they finally rise up and speak out before our freedom and way of life is completely destroyed?

For those who follow fads instead of logic, I say it’s time to stop being used by political and social forces that seek to destroy a nation. You are responsible and in charge of your life. It is your life. If you give up your will and your life for a cause, it should be to build something good, not to destroy something good. Jesus gave up his life to bring salvation and ever-lasting life for all of mankind. He did not die to bring hell into everyone’s life.
Neither should you. Protect yourself. Protect your friends and loved ones. Protect your nation. But most of all, protect your relationship with God. He will still love you when no one else does. He won’t ask you to destroy yourself. But He will be there to help restore your life. Think.
Book: God, Reward and Punishment: Are they real?

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