Volunteer For Hell?

This post is aimed at those who have taken Jesus as their Messiah, who have asked him for forgiveness and cleansing in order to be reconciled with God, and who look forward to every-lasting life. My question to you is: Will you volunteer to spend all eternity in hell? God doesn’t want anyone to refuse His offer of salvation. He loves each and every person on the planet. He sent His son as a sacrifice for all of our sins, yet people are still going to hell – some because they don’t believe in the Creator of the universe, others because they’ve heard, but haven’t been taught or even asked to accept God’s Son as their savior.

So my question is: Will you voluntarily choose to go to Hell? No. I didn’t think so. I didn’t think you would choose to go to hell for yourself. But every time you fail to reach out to others and offer to help them understand the choice between heaven and hell that they need to make, you choose to send them to hell. You wouldn’t choose hell for yourself, so why would you choose hell for others by not asking them to accept forgiveness and eternal life? Why would you do that? God loves them as much as He loves you. His offer is to all mankind, not just to an elite group of people.

If you really love God, and you love your neighbors as much as you love yourself, then you’ll try to reach them. You’ll try to open the door for them. They deserve hell just as you do, but, like you, they don’t have to go there. They have a choice. Let them know about the choice you made, and tell them why they need to make the same choice. You may be embarrassed or shot down, but at least their blood will not be on your hands. You tried.
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