Exposed and In Panic

The neo-communist, left-wing, liberal progressives were revealed with this election. Their bias was flaunted before the world. Their immoral nature shined brightly before the world as they openly lied, covertly hid the truth, intimidated and attempted to coerce America into voting against truth, freedom, God and morality. Those that have hated God and all that was good, and loved Satan and the hate and destruction that is his calling card, have always posed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I can understand why some left-wing leaders could be bribed or bought and caused to push for the destruction of America and the free world. I can understand why students who fear failing the classes, would allow themselves to become sycophants of the professors that hold their future. But I can’t understand those who follow blindly, without even knowing what they are protesting or why they are protesting. I can’t understand why these students don’t simply study enough to pass the class, without having to demean themselves as they attempt to destroy the only good in this world. I can’t understand anyone who would embrace destruction and human suffering.  I can’t understand who is teaching these young people to love hating and destroying.  And are these youth mature enough to know that politics is not simply a game, but  has severe consequences with lives and liberties.
But the agents of evil have always had their legions of followers who blindly died fighting for a cause that they didn’t understand and could never find gain from. Propaganda has always sought to hide and twist the truth. The only thing that has changed is the method of delivery. Today we have instantaneous propaganda through TV, movies and the social media. The purpose of propaganda is the same, only the delivery is different.
They seem to think that they can prevent people from siding with the “peoples choice” for president. They seem to think that they alone are capable of choosing a president, and that they can choose a president through anarchy if necessary, and ignore democratic elections. Perhaps they’re afraid that we will never again elect a muslim leaning president. Perhaps they believe that the people will never again be so blind as to allow the media to brain wash us into electing those who would destroy America. Perhaps, they believe that they have allowed the chance to completely destroy America to slip through their fingers. Whatever the reason, they are using every dirty trick in their arsenal to derail those who are intent on delivering democracy, freedom, morality and prosperity to a country that loves God, and a country that is loved by God.
A person can judge a cause by their follower’s gratitude. I thank God that Trump was elected. Who would the left-wing progressives thank, if their candidate had won? Their foreign bankrollers?
Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real?

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