God Is America’s Secret Of Success

Stalin once said that America had four virtues, it’s religion, morality, family and patriotism, and these must be destroyed in order to conquer America. Personally, I believe that if we destroyed religion in America, morality, family and patriotism would be undermined and, also, destroyed. And Stalin would have his victory.

The attack on our religion gets worse with each passing day. A military cemetery in Texas was denying families of having a religious burial for their loved ones. Navy chaplains are forbidden to use the name of Jesus in their prayers. And now it has been reported that Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland forbids family members to bring in Bibles, religious materials, or artifacts into the hospital to give to their patient or to use during their visit. When notified of this new rule, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) took to the House floor and blasted the policy. “Mr. Speaker, these military men and women who are recovering at Walter Reed and Bethesda have given their all for America … They’ve defended and taken an oath to the Constitution, and here they are. The people that come to visit them can’t bring a religious artifact? They can’t bring a Bible? …A priest can’t walk in with the Eucharist and offer communion to a patient who might be on their deathbed because it’s prohibited in this memo from the Department of the Navy?”

The secret to the Israelite’s success (militarily and governmental) was their worship of God. When they turned from God, their nation fell. America’s strength has always been our worship of the one true God. Nazi Germany made war on religion and it fell. Communist Russia outlawed religion and it fell. The irony today is that China is allowing religion to grow, while America’s religion is being squashed, and the ensuing result is that America is being surpassed by China, economically, militarily, and religiously. Do the political leaders in charge today in America simply want to destroy America just to destroy it, or do they have a political agenda laid out for us?

Unless America begins voting for those who stand with God, our greatness will be history; and we will be the first nation in history to be led by the nose into communism or Sharia law.

The health and vitality of a nation relies on its youth continuing the legacy of freedom. America’s youth need to study up on their beliefs. They will be tested this November and a failing grade means that the school closes. Don’t let the school close. America has contributed more to the progress of mankind and the world than all other nations combined. We have been targeted from within and from foreign interests. Our fall will mean their success, and they could care less how much suffering and deaths are caused, not just here, but throughout the world, if we should fail. The secret to preventing a worldwide collapse, is for us not to fail. It is time to meet our challenge once again, and defeat our enemies. America has always been a winner. It’s time to continue the legacy and reclaim our nation. It is time to turn to God, who has prospered us, protected us and blessed us, ever since we recognized Him in our constitution as the true strength of our nation. He promises to do it again, if we ask.

II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

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